Prison Ministry

HIM Prison Ministry 

Over 7 years ago, Him Prison Ministry was born out of an invitation from an Ohio prison to come and minister to inmates. Since that time, we have watched God open doors for us to visit countless prisons in the region, working diligently to impact inmates and staff alike.

During our visits, we utilize our HIM (Hogs in Ministry) Motorcycle Ministry, a full fledged rock band, and a comedian to engage with inmates in a unique way. This past year, we have also worked to include athletics as an avenue to further reach out into the prison community.

Our goal is to build bridges with inmates so we can get close enough to show them a real God, who wants to have a real relationship, so He can help us with our real problems. We know that regardless of being inside the prison walls or out, we all have real challenges and need a real Savior, Jesus.
 As a ministry, we hold strong to the truth that lasting life change comes from a relationship with God. As we encounter God and get to know Him better, we are given a second chance to live intentionally, showing grace to ourselves and others in service to God and our community. We desire to help inmates recognize that through God, they can make a conscious choice to transition into a life of purpose.

We look forward to the opportunity to partner with you in bringing hope to a hurting world.