Road to Emmaus • Devotion #5: Beside Yourself

When I was in college, I took both psychology and sociology courses which opened a new perspective on viewing interactions of those around me. I learned about body language, physical nuances when people get nervous, mental stress when others are watching you perform tasks, and other interesting reactions to certain situations. All of these, with many other variables, are what make everyone unique in perspective and responsiveness in everyday life.

When we are walking down the road of life as an unbeliever, we find ourselves living a carefree and sin-filled way. I never cared to get an accountability partner to help with any of my struggles. Also, being a “macho” early twenties male, I thought I did not need any help from anyone and I could find my own way. We, as broken and sinful people, cannot do it alone. We need to invite God into our lives like Cleopas invited Jesus into their home in Luke chapter 24. Only He can give us comfort and peace and deliver us from sin.

Once you have invited Jesus into your life, repentance and transformation need to begin. All of the expectations that you had for your life need to be surrendered to Him and He will make the way for your life. Your vision in the days, months, and years ahead is nothing compared to the knowledge and provision of God. He has your greatest story already written and He will lead the way for your life if you let Him.

One of the most difficult, yet most important, parts of letting God into your life is seeking His perspective on your life. Referencing my psychology and sociology bit at the beginning of this devotional, this could be one of the most daunting and frightening tasks. Putting your pride aside, find yourself an accountability partner to help you overcome addictions and struggles. While you are living your life, always seek God’s counsel and be meaningful in your prayers. He is always watching your thoughts and actions. Knowing that helps keep your focus on God and not on the flesh.

The hardest lesson that I have learned in my walk with God is trusting His timing. In today’s society, instant gratification is the norm and with every other aspect of my life, if I want it, I just go get it. I have learned that with patience and persistence, God provides something so much better. Submit to God’s will and timing in your life and He will be faithful to His Word. 

When you are living your life and have a moment of temptation or need provision on whatever it is you may be struggling with, look beside you. God is always there and yearns for your reliance on Him. He yearns for your heart and soul to be with Him for eternity. He yearns to walk beside you for the rest of the days of your life both here on Earth and in Heaven.

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