The Triumphal Entry • Devotion #6: The Peaceful and Humble Entry

The Triumphal Entry is such an exciting scene for many reasons, but one of the most significant points that stands out to me is the humility that is being shown during this entry. You might read through this passage and miss this concept since it is a celebration for the Son of God, and everyone is praising Him. The thing that we often overlook is His method of transportation. I often think back to the former presidents of the United States. These men would drive around in their top-of-the-line Lincolns and Cadillacs. Being that these men are some of the most powerful men in America, it makes complete and total sense to see them driving around in some of the most luxurious vehicles of this time. Now let us take a moment and read how Jesus decides to go through the town during a parade celebrating Him,

“Go into the village in front of you, where on entering, you will find a colt tied, on which no one has ever yet sat. Untie it and bring it here” (Luke 19:30).

Often when we watch movies during the earlier time periods, we see royalty entering into a city on a large horse. It is always a powerful scene. So, the question becomes, why did Jesus ride in on a donkey or a colt? During this time, someone entering into a city on a large horse was to symbolize war. If a person in power entered into a city on a colt, a donkey, or a mule, it was a sign of peace. We can see another time this is shown in 1 Kings 1:33. We need to remember that Jesus’ entry into the city was not something that the government was excited about. The government was out to ruin Jesus because they believed He was a false prophet and was challenging the lifestyle that they were trying to encourage. Jesus could have easily gone into the city angry and looking for a fight, knowing that these men were out to get Him. Instead, He chose peace. Instead of riding in the front gates on a mighty steed, Jesus chose the peaceful approach of a colt.

The beauty behind this is the humility that it shows. When I read through passages like this, it makes me take a step back and evaluate my life and how I portray myself when entering the world. Am I trying to puff up my own ego and make myself look good or am I humbling myself and focusing on the wellbeing of others? Am I going after those who are wronging me with anger and waging war, or am I showing peace and love even in the face of torment? These are points we should be thinking about when we go into our daily lives.

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