Meek • Devotion #1: Proper Authority

I have gotten to the point where every time I see red letters in the Bible, I instantly know the difficulty of truly understanding and applying it to my life. The difficulty is not necessarily found in my willingness or even in my understanding of what is needed to apply His words to my life. The difficulty is found in the truth that I am a sinful man. The first three beatitudes are so difficult for a person to hear. We hear that Jesus calls us to blessings in spiritual poverty, mourning, and now meekness. These are attributes that can only be found when we as sinful people come to know Jesus as Savior and choose to be ruled by the Holy Spirit, not the flesh.

When Jesus says, “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth” (Matthew 5:5 ), we have to see the almost oxymoronically charged statement Jesus left for humanity to know. Meek is not necessarily the first word that one might use to describe a group who will inherit the Earth. As with most things Jesus says, when we understand what He is actually meaning, all things fall into place.

Meek is a very fun word in which to do a word study. I feel the best definition I found was “one’s willingness to submit and work under proper authority.” When one is meek, one is exceedingly willing to disregard one’s own rights and privileges of their life to be subject to another. Meekness is a whiling submission, with a gentle attitude about it.

With that definition understood, the fastest question I feel enters my mind is, “How in the world does a gentle person inherit the world?” The world is in a constant state of chaos, rebellion, and idolatry. The world is a place where “dog eats dog” is common practice, and commonly accepted. The world is a place where it is better to have the attributes of a hungry wolf than a meek sheep. Yet Jesus says, it is the meek who shall inherit. To pull everything together I think we cannot overlook the word inherit. If we are meek, we understand we submit to the authority that is found in God. Because of our Spirit-led meekness to Jesus as our authority, we receive our inheritance from Him, who is the true ruler of this Earth.

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