Lesson Eighteen • Devotion #5: God Picking Us Up

A passage that has always stood out to me is 2 Corinthians 12:1-10. We see Paul struggling with the sins and problems of this world, and he is praying for God to take away this struggle. He talks with God, and God tells Paul that through Paul’s weakness, God’s power will be made perfect. The passage ends with Paul being content, and he understands, “For when I am weak, then I am strong.” The portion that always stood out is the fact that this thorn is never leaving the flesh of Paul. His weakness is still left intact. Even though Paul has prayed to God, this pain never left him. I have always wondered why God did not remove this from His follower until I became an adult. 

In the home I grew up in, whenever I was struggling with something in life, I had one of my parents to lean on to help me. No matter what the problem was, I knew they would be there. Once I grew up and decided it was time to be an adult and start handling things on my own, I realized how having someone to lean on gave me a sense of security and power. I had to fight the desire to fall back to my parents for help just to feel safe again. I believed that going through these hard times was what was going to make me stronger in the end. I was following the mindset of the great philosopher, Alfred Pennyworth, who said, “We fall so that we can learn to pick ourselves back up.” 

I did not realize as a child how difficult it is to live in this world. There is sin around every corner that tries to call you in and make your life miserable. That is when I discovered something about God and this passage. When we are at our weakest, we realize we are in need of someone that is stronger than the situation in which we find ourselves. That is where God comes in and helps. In my weakness, I realized how much I truly needed Him. His perfection and power shined into my life when I did not think there was light at the end of the tunnel. Even though He did not pull me out of the struggles and take the thorn out, He gave me that person to lean on. We do not fall so that we can learn to pick ourselves back up. Instead, we fall so that we can learn to put our trust in God to help pick us back up. When I am at my weakest point, my relationship and bond with Him become stronger, and for that, I am content.  

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