I Am: The Resurrection and the Life • Devotion #3: Reassurance and Comfort

“Jesus said to her, ‘I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in me, though he die, yet shall he live, and everyone who lives and believes in me shall never die. Do you believe this?’” John 11:25-26

What this verse does, is it gives us reassurance and comfort. In this passage of Scripture, we see Jesus comforting Martha after the death of Lazarus. One of the hardest things to deal with in our lives on earth is the death of someone we love. It is a feeling that never goes away. We can be going about our day just fine, and something sparks a memory that makes it hard to breathe. For me, that is my grandpa. He was my best friend. Before he passed away, he gave me an old Yukon. Ten years later, I still find myself sitting in that Yukon, and I cannot breathe. I instantly feel the tears well up and the desire to have him in my life still comes rushing back. The desire to have him tell me that he is proud of me and that he loves me one more time takes over. The feeling of sadness knowing my future family will never know that amazing man hurts me. These are the feelings that many of us have at the loss of a loved one. These are probably some of the same feelings Martha had at the loss of her brother.

Luckily, Jesus gave Martha a promise, and that promise holds true to us as well. Jesus tells us that He is the “Resurrection and the Life.” While this might sound confusing, that is why context is crucial because He goes on to explain Himself. By believing in Him, our death is not our final frontier. Instead, through death, we find life. Through believing in Him and dying, we enter into our complete relationship with Him. This should give us a sense of reassurance. When we take our last breath here, we take our first one in eternity. We just have to believe in Him. This should build a sense of urgency to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and lead nonbelievers to Him. 

This is where I found my comfort upon my grandpa’s death. I believe that my grandpa left this earthly world and entered into Heaven with his creator. That feeling that he is in a place of perfection gives me a sense of peace. This does not mean that I still do not sit in that Yukon and cry or come across one of his old business cards and sit there holding it just thinking about him for endless amounts of time. What it does mean though, is that I know where he is, and I know where I will be someday because I believe in Him. The same goes for you if you believe.

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