Impact • Devotion #1: My Perfect Life

Disclaimer: I am in no way trying to insult or hurt anyone in this devotional. I am going to tell you my story of divorce and how it impacted my life. 

I grew up in a perfect family, or so I thought. My family was very loving and caring. I thought we had the “cookie-cutter” family. My parents were always there and genuinely cared for their kids. I felt nothing but love and care from them. My life was great as a child. Yeah sure, we had problems just like everyone has but nothing major. The biggest family problem I had growing up was my little sister. She and I could never get along and were always fighting. However, that is siblings for you. Other than that, my family was perfect. My life was perfect and my home was perfect, until the day my parents told me they were getting divorced. 

My parents never showed any hint to us children that they would ever get divorced. I saw many other kids at school who had divorced parents, and I always felt bad for them. I knew my parents would never get divorced, so I had nothing to worry about, or so I thought. One day we were supposed to go out to dinner as a family. Right before we were supposed to leave, my parents sat my three younger siblings with me down on the living room couch. They then explained to the four of us how they were getting a divorce. My younger siblings were just a little too young to understand what that meant entirely. However, I was a freshman in high school and understood exactly what was happening. I sat there filled with a million questions and emotions. I rarely saw my parents fight before. I saw them constantly showing love to each other and us. There were no warning signs of this coming. I could not believe this was happening. After questioning my parents for a minute, I quickly ran to my room and locked myself inside. I refused to go to dinner that night and act like life was fine. My world was drastically flipped upside-down. I remember my dad coming to my door trying to talk to me, and I could not face the truth of what was happening. I thought this was all a huge nightmare.

For me, the next season of my life was a mess. I could not handle the emotions that came with my parent’s divorce and how it was changing my life. I had so many emotions built up inside against my parents and how they could do this to me. I began to rebel in any way that I could. I started hanging around the wrong friends and making poor choices. Sin was wrecking my life. It was having a massive impact on my life and those around me.

My story is different from the majority of children who go through a divorce. My parents got divorced and were back together a year later. It is an incredible story to see this happen, as this is not common. Fast forward years from then and my parents are still married, which is an awesome blessing to have! However, this did not stop the hurt and pain that I endured from this. Sin has an earthly impact just as much as it has an eternal impact on our lives. 

Romans 6:23 says, “For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” 

Sin has huge consequences in our lives, and it impacts those around us. Sin brings separation between the Lord and us that we cannot fix. Sin brings eternal punishment to us, but there has been a gift to get us out of it. The only thing that can bring us back to God is His Son, Jesus, dying on the cross to pay the punishment of all our sins. This is the greatest news ever!

Even though our sin has been wiped away by Jesus, there is still an earthly consequence of our sin. Those around us can be significantly hurt through sin in our lives. I went through a lot of hurt and pain from my parent’s divorce. It hurt my relationship with them for some time. I also made a lot of poor choices on my own as well from it. I do not wish this journey on anyway. However, for me, this journey led to me finding the Lord. It was a springboard to me finding a genuine relationship with Him. I found that God and His love will never waiver; it is firm and always there. When there is sin in our lives or others around us, there will be hurt from that. The Lord is always there and is waiting for us to cling to Him when sin impacts our lives. 

Know the impact your sin has on you and others around you. Know that the Lord is there for us through it all. 

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