Reach • Devotion #6: Hard Work

All my life I have been motivated to work hard and do my best. I remember being about 15 years old and telling my dad about something that I wanted. He was quick to find a way for me to work to earn the money so that I could buy it. It did not come easily or quickly, but my hard work paid off. My dad was an awesome man who led by example. He was a hard worker and excelled in his work positions. He was kind and generous with my sister and me, but he also raised us to know that money did not grow on trees (I think we have all heard that one) and that hard work and responsibility would take us far in life. Of course, he was right. I have been blessed to have many wonderful instructors in my life. I have tried to work hard and be a good employee. Throughout most of my career, I was in positions where I was given the opportunity to manage, teach, and lead others to succeed. 

In 2 Timothy 2:15 (NLT), we read, “Work hard so you can present yourself to God and receive his approval. Be a good worker, one who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly explains the word of truth.” 

It was always easy to work hard, it was not always easy for me to share the Gospel with others. I spent years out of the will of God. Fortunately, by the grace of God, I have spent more than twice as many years seeking the Lord and telling of His gracious forgiving love. Even when we do not know Scripture well, we can always tell of what God has done for us!

As we read through Scripture and see verses like this one in 2 Timothy, we find Paul teaching and leading Timothy as he urges him to see himself as a worker who seeks to please God and to be one “who correctly explains the word of truth.” 

Timothy had spent years learning from Paul as they traveled and preached the good news of Jesus. Here Paul is encouraging and instructing Timothy to pass on the truths of the Gospel. Paul reminds Timothy not to be ashamed of the Gospel. The truth may not always be easy to hear but it is always a firm foundation.

Paul penned these words in 2 Timothy 2:19 (NLT), “But God’s truth stands firm like a foundation stone with this inscription: ‘The Lord knows those who are his,’ and ‘All who belong to the Lord must turn away from evil.’”

Just as God puts special people in our lives, God put Paul in Timothy’s life. Paul’s instruction to Timothy was that he was to be a man who would be a witness to Christ’s love by the example of his life. Paul wanted Timothy to be able to carry on in the work of the Great Commission in a responsible and effective way without getting caught up in things that would hinder his progress. 

I had a wonderful dad who taught me to work hard. God, the Father, left us a manual that teaches us all we need to know to find Jesus, the Savior. It is up to us to turn away from evil, be a good worker, and to know the Scripture so that we can boldly explain the truth of the Gospel to those around us.   

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