1 John 5 • Devotion #2: The Father Gives Evidence

Several years ago, my husband and I witnessed an incident of road rage that resulted in an individual’s death. It was a harrowing and life-changing experience. As a result, I, along with my husband, was called to testify in court. I was asked to precisely tell what I saw and heard. Specific facts and details were important to the case because the judge had not been present and was going to determine the punishment of the accused.

The circumstances of what John is telling us in 1 John 5:6-12 are so different. No witnesses are needed because God, the righteous judge (Psalm 50:6), is telling us that He knows the One being judged as the Savior of the world. He knows all about who Jesus is. Why? It is because Jesus is “His Only Begotten Son” (John 3:16 NKJV) manifest in the flesh, sent by God to be sacrificed for our sin and to raise from the grave as our living Savior.

Throughout Jesus’ life on Earth, God had been showing and telling the world who Jesus is. God’s angels declared it at Jesus’ birth. At the water-baptism of Jesus, a dove (the Holy Spirit) descended, but more importantly, God spoke from Heaven and said, “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased(Matthew 3:17). Even when Jesus’ blood was shed on the cross, the sky became dark, the earth quaked, and the curtain enclosing the Holy of Holies in the temple was torn from top to bottom (Matthew 27:45-51). Three days later, an angel spoke to the women from inside Jesus’ empty tomb (Matthew 28:1-7). So many signs and wonders that could only be acts of God declaring that Jesus of Nazareth was truly His Son. These things were evidence to man. Clearly, God’s actions were saying to people, “Stop doubting, this is my Son! Believe Him.”

In today’s culture, people often need evidence (facts and details) to believe that something is true. John was telling the world (both Christians and non-believers) that there was plenty of evidence as to Jesus being the one in which to place our eternal faith and hope. What is better verification there than what is given by a loving, merciful holy God?

Jesus Christ was God’s Son in the flesh. His humanity was affirmed when He was born as a human – by water and by blood. The Holy Spirit, in the form of a dove, came from Heaven at His baptism, and God, His Father, confirmed Him as His Son. On the cross, Jesus’ humanity was confirmed when He was stuck in His side with a sword and out came water and blood.

All those years ago, I was a witness before a judge. I acted as his eyes and ears at an event that he did not witness. In the best selling book, The Case for Christ, Lee Strobel retraces his spiritual journey from atheism to faith by showing how the historical, archaeological, and ancient written evidence led him to a belief in Jesus as God. Yet, I just cannot help but believe that the most powerful declaration comes from the works and words of our God, who gave testimony to the veracity of the claims that Jesus was His Son and our Savior. As believers, we should need no other evidence!

At the end of this passage comes one of the most powerful and sobering verses in the Bible, “Whoever has the Son has life; whoever does not have the Son of God does not have life” (1 John 5:12).Do you truly have “life” through belief in Jesus as God’s Son?

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