Back to Reach • Devotion #4: God’s Holy Goodness

“As every man hath received the gift, even so minister the same one to another, as good stewards of the manifold grace of God.” 1 Peter 4:10 (KJV)

It is confession time: I am a planner. I like things organized and little ducks in straight little rows. I am a rule follower, and I honestly thought I had my whole life planned out since junior high. Actually, I do enjoy challenges and learning new things as long as I can completely anticipate the outcome or foresee any speed bumps along the way (I am only half joking, maybe one quarter). Clearly, you can imagine how often God uses these things to refine my heart and my fleshy control freak tendency.

God has been so patient, and He has stretched me. Honestly, my salvation was found in the middle of a complete mess where I could control nothing. I am so thankful He took me to that place, but I do not want to rap my redemption story. I want to impart what happened afterward, and I truly think many of you can relate.

I had this constant urge to get out of my comfort zone and find some way to learn more, give more, and experience more of whatever God would bring my way no matter the cost. I was a young mom who was very unsure of how to do these things or how I could possibly find the time. However, I knew if I kept praying for God to use me in some way, He would direct my feet. I began to serve in a few family ministries and doing life with some folks in a Growth Community. It was not easy for me in the beginning. I had passing thoughts like, “Am I really able to teach children about God? How could I go to someone’s house I do not even really know and talk about Bible things when I do not have it all sorted out? Will they see my mess? Will they see how much I do not know and ask me to leave?” Well, the answer to all that was yes (less the throwing me out part). But I found that I was in the wonderful company of people all looking to experience whatever God had for them.

Acquaintances soon became friends, and they took the time to teach me, pray with me, and encourage my family each week. They were people like me, trying to grow and sort it all out, too. God placed on my heart the importance of growing together by intentionally being a family of believers who are serving and praying for each other. I wanted then and still burn for families to be supported by a community who do life together. That is where God has directed my passion. I am so blessed to be a part of a ministry that is not only fun but also a group of women who all are seeking for families to grow stronger in their faith. These women who serve have a great passion for reaching families during one of the busiest seasons in life by loving and caring for their little ones. These women are moms, wives, students, daughters, and grandmothers who serve and give their time to our church family so that they may grow in God’s Word each and every week during Growth Communities, gatherings, workshops, and even serving together. 

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