Reach • Testimony #5: Emilou Irwin

My life has always been in the church ever since I was a baby. So I thought that it would make for a boring testimony, but everyone has a story! My mom has actually been the rock in our family and the consistent one. It makes it hard for me to read James, even though it is my favorite book of the Bible, because it shows what a godly family should be. That leads to how my life had been hard with my dad. He was not always a godly father and was not always being the one to lead us into the Word or taking us to church. Yet, I have always loved the church and being apart of it. The nursery is my favorite thing. I just love loving on those kiddos! 

When I lived out in Arizona, my grandpa became the pastor of his church. I decided that I wanted to get baptized by him. So I took lessons with one of the ladies at his church; she became a very sweet friend of mine. She walked me through what it meant to get baptized and taught me a bunch. I still remember a lot of it. After that, I got baptized with my family and cousins all around me. 

I have always been homeschooled by my mom, so it has been really nice because I got to do all the extra things and always get to study the stuff I wanted. I got to study my Bible when and wherever I wanted. 

We have always moved around, and it was always hard. This last time (five years ago), moving from Arizona to Michigan was the hardest because my life was “perfect,” or so I thought. I was mad at my parents and God for almost a year. I was in a rut and could not see past it all. It also did not help that we found out and moved in 14 days. However, as time went on, I grew to love it here and grow in my faith in a small group, as it was called back then. I am so grateful for Ryan Story and Anita. Ryan later did a group called leadership, and it was my favorite. It was where we would go really deep into Bible chapters and verses. We all loved it and grew so much. We were required to do homework and extra things. We all had fun mostly when we would do stuff together. We also had a leadership camp that they still do. It was deeper, and it always my favorite camp because it was all of the kids that really wanted to be there!

God’s plans are better than mine. I look forward to seeing how He continues to use me.

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