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Hits Rock | Devotion 6: Lead by Example
Dani Reynolds 

In Numbers chapter 20, Moses and Aaron went to God for some answers on what to do for the complaining people who do not have any water. God told them what to do, what to say, and how to handle the situation. However, Moses goes back to the people and starts off by doing what God told him to do but then did not handle it the way God told him to do. Instead of being God-like and calmly telling the people this is how you talk to God and pray to God for Him to help you, Moses popped off at the mouth and erupted with the whole situation. I think he had had enough of the people and their grumbling ways and I think he had enough of God not immediately fixing the problem.

God told him to take his staff. God had used the staff for several other miracles. The staff was a reminder that God was present. However, Moses was to talk to the rock. A rock is often used to represent or describe God. He is our strength; He is the one we lean on in times of trouble. Yet, Moses did not do that. Out of anger, frustration, and anxiousness, he behaved just like the people of Israel. Moses misrepresented God. He let his bitterness over shine his godly heart.

Moses and Aaron were chosen by God to lead the Israelites to the Promise Land. He put them in charge, and their job was to do what God asked them to do. They were to act and speak like God. Ephesians 4:20 says, “But that is not the way you learned Christ!” God is telling Moses, “I did not teach you that!” I did not teach or instruct you to throw a temper tantrum, to speak harshly, or to behave like a buffoon.

Psalm 116:5 describes God, “Gracious is the Lord, and righteous; our God is merciful.” God is gracious, pleasantly kind, benevolent, and courteous. He is righteous, always acting in an upright, moral way, and virtuous. He is merciful and compassionate.

God is not rude or angry, even though Moses behaved exactly like that. God told Moses and Aaron that since you did not represent me the way that I told you to, now you will not get to lead the people of Israel to the Promise Land.

God wanted Moses and Aaron to lead by example and do and say as He told them. I think God may have said something along these lines, “I get that you are irritated with the situation. I get that you probably feel like you have had enough of the grumbling with the people, but if you were a true follower of Me, you would have known to be angry without sinning.” God could have added, “Cast all your worries on Me, and I will give you strength.” However, Moses decided to take matters in his own hands and sin. Therefore, Moses did not get to be the person who got to lead the people to the Promised Land.

There are consequences for actions. A sin is a sin, and it does not matter who you are, who you work for, or how high you are up in the business ladder, we will all be treated the same. There is no special treatment. A leader is someone who leads by example. Clearly, Moses and Aaron did not lead by example.

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