A Cow?

Broken Tablets | Devotion 3: A Cow?
Isaiah Combs  

My parents were really busy people and still are. When my brothers and I were too young to watch ourselves, my parents would bring in a babysitter to watch us. I want to give a quick note and apologize to our babysitters. We are and were three very type A, rambunctious, and annoying kids.

My parents would leave us with these poor people, and we would go crazy. My Mom was great and ran a very tight ship. The three of us were very aware of what, where, and when we were supposed to do things. So we took full advantage that the babysitter was unaware of Mom’s strict rules and guidelines. We would basically do whatever we wanted to do and try and get away with the craziest things.

That is what is happening in Exodus 32:15-20. Moses was up on top of the mountain while the Israelites were camped at the base of the mountain. Moses was up there on top of the mountain speaking to God and getting the Ten Commandments. On his way back down, he hears a crazy sound. It was the sound of the Israelites worshiping a golden image (The idol was a cow made of gold. Why do we worship creation and not the creator?). They created it from the gold of their sons’ earrings. By the way, when I was a kid, I wanted earrings. So, I used this to convince my parents that boys in the Bible had earrings. It did not work.

This story is just like my Mom when she would get home from whatever she was doing. She would either see the devastation that we caused or our poor babysitter would tell her all the terrible things we had done while she was out. This is what Moses was feeling. He was furious, and he punished the Israelite by melting the golden cow down and making them drink it.

Just like the Israelites, when Moses was up on the mountain talking to God, we have a choice of who we are going to worship. On Sundays, when going to church and worship God, we have a choice. During the week, when we are away from everyone, we choose who we are worshiping. Is it your job, money, wife, kids, yourself, or God?

Who are you worshiping when no one is looking?

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