His Reputation

Broken Tablets • Devotion 2: His Reputation
Holly Boston

Do you think God has a sense of humor? Whenever I stop and really think about the fact that I am Director of Women’s Ministry, I immediately laugh and think, “Wow does God have a sense of humor!” It is the only logical conclusion when you consider that throughout my childhood and adolescence, I could not stand to be around girls. The drama, the backstabbing, and the rumor mill were more than I could take, and subsequently, I preferred hanging out with boys. As I got older, my parents tried to impress upon me that this was unwise and could result in me having a bad reputation. My dad’s words haunt me to this day, “Holly, you are judged by the company you keep.”

This is not an outdated concept — many of the decisions we make every day rest on reputation. We look for clothing with name brands and cars that are known to run long while requiring the least service. We choose reputable colleges, prestigious careers, and churches that are known by their reputation. Reputation is a very important factor and shapes our daily decisions.

Believer, are you concerned about God’s reputation? In Exodus 32:1-14, we read about a conversation Moses had with God. While Moses was on Mount Sinai receiving the Law from God, the Israelites grew impatient and decided to collect all the gold and fashion a golden calf to worship. Their corruption and idol worship resulted in God’s decision to consume or eliminate them. I found Moses’ response astounding. Moses expressed concern for God’s reputation if He were to carry out His plan. Moses was concerned that Egypt would believe God intended to lead them into the mountains to kill them. My response would have been quite different. I believe I would have said, “I am tired of these people. They deserve the wrath of God. Please remember me and spare me and mine.” Moses was first and foremost concerned with God’s reputation. When I talk to God, I do a great job of praising and worshipping Him and thanking Him for the cross with the daily grace He extends to me. However, when it comes to His actions, my requests come from a selfish heart. I want my will and my way.

Believer, do you profess to be one of His? Do you remember you are saved by grace through the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ (Ephesians 2:8-9)? If so, do you understand that you are now His ambassador and representative (2 Corinthians 5:20)? Do you tout attending church regularly, attending Bible study weekly, and praying daily, but what does your walk look like? Do your words, actions, and reactions reflect well on God? You are one of His representatives; therefore, God’s reputation is impacted by your life. Does your life draw others to Him? Your reputation is His reputation.

What if you are the only Bible they read? Your choices impact God’s reputation every day and can affect others’ eternal choices. God is judged by the company He keeps.

May we be determined to make Him look good!

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