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Advice | Devotion 2: Remember the Lord
Shawna Johnson

Is it easier for you to recall what you ate for dinner last night, what you wore this past Tuesday, or what verse the pastor talked about on Sunday? I have a confession, and without serious thought, it is difficult for me to remember any of those! I have a terrible memory; I need constant reminders; forgive me if I missed your birthday. My desk is full of post-it notes, and Siri should probably get a pay raise for how often I ask her to remind me of something. If you can live without constant reminders, please, teach me your ways!

I am thankful for the Bible and its constant reminder of our need for the Lord. So often we work hard to get things done or give advice, forgetting first to pray, seek, and remember the Lord. As much as I wish I could say I always remember and put the Lord first, that is not always the case. I need constant reminders, even in this area of my life; the reassuring thing, so did many others in the Bible. Moses’ own son was a constant reminder of the Lord.

Exodus 18:4 says, “And the name of the other, Eliezer (for he said, ‘The God of my father was my help, and delivered me from the sword of Pharaoh’).” 

Every time Moses called his son’s name, he would be reminded of God’s goodness, protection, and provision.

I sometimes contemplate getting a tattoo of a Bible verse, or an image representing a Bible story. It needs to be something that when I see it, I remember the Lord. So far, no tattoo, however, I did ask one of my beautifully talented friends to create a work of art I could keep in my office. I assure you she delivered. Sitting on my desk is an 8×10 painting of Deuteronomy chapter 8 handwritten, with “Remember the Lord” spelled out in beautiful tiny forget-me-not flowers in the foreground; a constant reminder as I am working, to remember the Lord.

What do you do to ensure you are remembering the Lord and putting Him first? Do you have a routine you have made into a habit? Do you have a child with a biblical name? Have you tried post-it notes everywhere? I am thankful for a church that is constantly focused on the Lord. Find friends and community that point you to Him. We are a family here! We get to help each other!

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