Arms Raised High

Raised Arms | Devotion 6: Arms Raised High
Isaiah Combs

The story of Moses, as told in the book of Exodus, is an awesome story of God’s power and love for His people. God used Moses as an instrument for His will to the people of Israel. I like to say that God has a plan and a purpose for our lives, and this is especially true in the life of Moses.

Moses was saved from genocide as a baby. He grew up in royalty. He killed a man and then fled to the wilderness to be a shepherd for 40 years. Then God sent him back to Egypt to deliver a message to the Pharaoh and used Moses to set the Israelites free from 400 years of slavery. He then was put in charge of millions of people who were now homeless and traveling across the wilderness on direction from God who is in the form of a cloud that they follow by day and a pillar of fire they follow by night. They followed God through the wilderness for 40 years. This is not even the full story of Moses. I recommend sitting down and reading Exodus and seeing all the awesome and crazy things that happened to and through Moses.

One of the awesome “God stories” that happened to Moses was when a guy named Amalek and his army decided to pick a fight with God’s people (never a good idea). God promised Moses and his people a victory only if Moses could hold up his staff, the same one he used to split the Red Sea, over his head. Could you imagine how tired Moses would have been to do that all day? I know I could not do it all day, and neither could Moses. So God sent Aaron and Hur to help him hold his arms up in the air. The Israelites won the battle against Amalek.

He then tells Moses to write this as a memorial or testimony to the next in charge of the Israelites, Joshua (Exodus 17:14-16). God wanted the leader and people of Israel to know that the promises of God are real, and sometimes what God wants you to do is going to be hard. It is going to take some effort and some strain. It might be like holding up a staff for a whole day. However, God will send you people to help you and hold your arms up for you. God has other people like Aaron and Hur. It is nothing that Moses did to win the battle with Amalek.

It was all God and His power. God will send you the help you need so you can finish your task.

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