Life with Purpose

Birth | Devotion 4: Life with Purpose
Debbie Kerr

The “Sanctity of Human Life” has been a hot topic in America for decades and the topic grows hotter with each passing day. It has become increasingly common to disregard human life as if it is nothing. This horrific and unimaginable fact is not new; in fact, it has been around for centuries. America has made new strides recently as some states are making laws that have sparked much response and controversy in our country. States are passing laws that allow women to abort their baby right up to full term birth legally. Now other states in our union are trying to follow this same protocol. In fact, one state wants to take it a step further by allowing children to be killed after they are born. Thankfully, some states have recognized this as murder and have not passed this bill in their state. It is heartbreaking and sickening to even think about living in a world where human life is not considered a beautiful gift from God, a life to be born into this world on purpose, for a purpose.

In Exodus chapter 1, we learn about a time in history when Egypt was fighting against Israel. Israel was growing in the male population and defeating the Egyptian army. Population control is a thing, it was then, and it is now. We do not often hear those words spoken, but mercy killing and abortion has existed for many decades and are increasing at an astounding rate around the world. As we study Exodus 1:15-22, we read about Pharaoh, the King of Egypt, growing increasingly anxious due to the male population that is outnumbering and defeating his army. In an effort to remedy the situation, Pharaoh ordered two Hebrew midwives to kill all Hebrew baby boys immediately after they are born, but to allow the baby girls to live. These amazing women decided to honor God and allow the baby boys to live. When the King questioned the midwives as to why they did this, they said that the babies were born so quickly that they could not get there in time. Pharaoh did not stop there with his efforts to control the male population, but God had a plan! There would soon be a baby boy born named Moses whom God would use to save His people from the slavery of Pharaoh and to lead them to the promised land. Because these two women feared God, it later allowed Moses to live and change the course of history for the Israelites. Do not ever doubt that God can use ordinary people to do extraordinary things when they choose to obey God rather than man. We can learn a great lesson from two midwives named Shiphrah and Puah.

Are you brave enough to take a stand and obey God rather than man?

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