Lifetime Achievement Award

Finished | Devotion #1: Lifetime Achievement Award
Dr. Randy T. Johnson | Growth Pastor

I have a friend who is a college professor in mathematics. He has been working on an “unsolvable problem” since 1971. Whenever I saw something labeled “unsolvable,” I turned the page. He likes to point out that it is unsolvable for now. He took a yearlong sabbatical to study with someone in Sweden who also had the same goal. He has been working on a problem for about 40 years. Most of us remember math class. If we could not find the solution in five minutes, we flipped to the back of the book and hoped there was an answer key. Not only has he labored over those numbers and letters, but his actual goal is also not to necessarily solve the problem. He just wants to help the progression so someone can eventually solve it. It has been his lifelong goal. 

For some, finishing a puzzle, book, or room renovation can be quite the accomplishment. However, few have lifelong projects.

Jesus came to Earth to die. He lived a perfect life, fulfilled hundreds of prophecies, and never got distracted. He left Heaven because mankind needed a Savior and He was and is the only one suitable for the task.

We sinned and earned death, Hell, and eternal separation from God. However, Jesus died in our place to offer us the “free gift” of eternal life (Romans 6:23) and life to the full (John 10:10). This mission took 33 years. It was literally a lifelong project.

John 19:30 says, “When Jesus had received the sour wine, he said, ‘It is finished,’ and he bowed his head and gave up his spirit.” Jesus woke up every morning with the same goal in mind. He chose to do the right thing in the right way every day. He lived for us; He died for us. Finally, while on the cross struggling and gasping for every breath, Jesus gave the ultimate mic drop and said, “It is finished.” 

Lifetime achievement awards are very honoring. It is interesting to see what someone finds so valuable that they spend days, weeks, months, years, decades, and their entire life and resources to accomplish. Jesus found you to be that valuable.

Jesus lived with you in mind; Jesus died with you in mind. He is not asking you to die for Him, but will you live for Him?

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