Thy Hands

Commit | Devotion #5: Thy Hands
Ryan Story | Location Pastor Burton

There is a limitless amount a person can learn about Jesus’ heart in the seven sayings He called out while hanging on the cross. Luke 

Death is a hard aspect of life. We all know death is a natural aspect of life. Everything that lives will eventually cease to be alive. From the smallest ant to the largest star in the sky, everything has a life span. You and I are lumped into the same reality; however, there is something special about humans. While God did not give humans the ability to avoid this reality, God did bless us with the fact that death is not the end for those who believe in Jesus. They come to a place where death becomes only the beginning of their eternity in Heaven.  Romans 

Sadly, people, even Christians, fear death. This is where Jesus teaches us something amazing. When Jesus calls out, He is calling out to His father. Jesus is calling out to the creator, the Father, the One who is and is yet to come. Jesus is calling out to the One who is in complete control. Nothing that Jesus endured was outside of God’s plan. Jesus was in complete trust in this plan. Therefore, when Jesus cried out, He knew who He needed. Then after one last “loud call” Jesus died, but He leaves us hope.

Jesus knew where His spirit was going to be. Jesus knew His spirit was going to be with His Father. While doing some research on this devotion, I found an amazing quote by John Piper explaining what happened when Jesus committed His spirit to God’s hands, “Not: into the grave. Not: into the void. Not: into the dark unknown. But: into the hands of God.” That is an amazing truth that I hope brings you hope. 

Death is hard to navigate. My hope for you is two-fold. The first is that you know Jesus as Lord and you have given your life to Him. Being in a saving relationship with Christ is the only way to navigate through death. The second hope is that you put your trust in knowing where it is you put your soul. We are not bodies with souls; we are souls with bodies. Our body will fade away, but our spirit is eternal. Our souls will spend eternity in either Heaven or Hell. I plead with you that if you do not know that your soul will be with our Heavenly Father for eternity that you make that right and re-read the Romans 10:9 verse again.

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