Only Belief

Commit | Devotion #1: Only Belief
Max and Jenny Sinclair | Guest Services & Young Adults Director

Professing faith in Jesus Christ is such a beautiful thing. It is all bold commitments and embracing promises. The presence of God is within you; how could you ever want? Therefore, you do all the things you believe God has called you to do. You play “Oceans” on repeat in your car, with the volume all the way up high. Maybe you decide to read your Bible every day. Possibly, you meet with a Pastor and go over all your big ideas about serving. Whatever it is, you have decided you are striving to be committed.

Then some time passed, you wanted to start serving, but your boss moved up the deadline on a project, and you needed to work late. That new worship song has a great beat, but you stop thinking about the meaning. Your baby has been up all night with an ear infection (or better yet, that Netflix original just came out and even though you said you were only going to watch one episode, you binge watch the whole first season), so you put off reading your Bible until the next day. Before you know it, you start telling yourself things like, “I still see God working in the small things,” as though you are too busy to see God working in the big things.

It seems no matter the commitment we make; we can never follow through with some action. No matter how many times we feel inspired, we still end up distracted. It appears not to matter what steps we take to do things differently. No matter what, we do not feel the way we did the first time we sang “Oceans” during worship. We seem like we cannot get back to how we felt when that sermon spoke directly to us.

Luke 23:46 says, “Then Jesus, calling out with a loud voice, said, ‘Father, into your hands I commit my spirit!’ And having said this he breathed his last.”

When will we realize our promises will never save us? When will we admit that our inspiration is nothing but a deflated balloon, weeks after the party is over?

Jesus called out in a loud voice, not a whisper, and not a small thing. This was the biggest thing of all. Jesus made a sweeping promise to God with His last breath. It is the only commitment which could save souls, transform lives, and heal the broken.

There is no promise from us which can compare. For every time we decide we are all in, there is an equal time in which we have doubted. In all our efforts to be better, to reach the next level, we know there will be a day we decide to go our own way. There is no plan on how we can fix it. There is only belief. It is the belief that the commitment of Christ is enough.

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