From the Heart

Gather | Devotion #4: From the Heart
Donna Fox | Assistant to the Growth Pastor

I love to sing worship music and praise God! Every aspect of worship has a special meaning to me. I am honored to pray for people (that is why I manage the email prayer line). I give in obedience (it all belongs to Him anyway, right?). I love the sermons (all of our pastors are inspiring and good teachers). But probably my favorite, if I had to pick a favorite, is the worship music.

I get to the church building early, and the band is practicing. As soon as I walk in, I stop and listen to the song they are practicing. Quite often I find myself singing along or humming along as soon as I step into the building. I also sing along to worship music in the car all the time.

A special time between God and me is always when the band cuts out, and we sing a capella. I have always enjoyed a capella (just voices, no instruments). It is just me, and God. My eyes are closed. I am not worrying about what anyone else around me is singing, doing, or thinking of me. It does not matter. All that matters is that I am worshipping God!

Each Tuesday morning, our staff gathers for worship, devotions, and a meeting. We are in a smaller classroom, as opposed to a large auditorium. When we begin singing, especially a capella, I get goosebumps and tears stream down as I think of all of us lifting our voices together to the One True God who deserves all our praise and worship! It is the best part of the work week!

I have many great songs in mind that have special meaning. Many hymns come to mind, as well as contemporary music. But I guess my all-time favorite would be “How Great Is Our God” by Chris Tomlin.

“And darkness tries to hide, and trembles at His voice.” I am a visual person, so I am envisioning in my mind the devil cowering in the corner and shaking as God’s booming voice overpowers him. It gives me chills to think of God’s power over everything, especially evil. 

How great is our God

You’re the name above all names
You are worthy of our praise
And my heart will sing
How great is our God

We are worshipping God when we are singing from the heart. We can stand and read the music on the screen, mouth the words, or sing the words to make us look holy to the person sitting next to us, but that means nothing to God. What He is looking for is true worship from the heart. It does not matter if you cannot carry a tune, if you do not know the words, say a wrong word, are loud, or soft. All that matters is your heart. That is all God wants!

Ephesians 5:19 says, “Addressing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody to the Lord with your heart.”  Next time you sing a worship song, make sure it is from the heart, and you truly mean it. If not, get your heart right!

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