Gather | Devotion #2: Highlight
Pat Bedell

When I finally decided to give myself to Christ and accept Him as my Savior, there were a series of eye-opening events that brought my faith to life in a spectacular way.

Before being a believer wholeheartedly, I would attend church services and maybe learn a thing or two for the week. It was not necessarily something I would practice, but it gave me a little more Bible knowledge than the week before. After I became a follower of Christ, services transformed into gatherings for me. I was not at church to be “serviced” but to equip myself for the week to share Jesus. I was at gatherings to meet new people who became family and someone with whom to sharpen and develop. It gave me an opportunity to give back to God who has graciously given so much to me. 

For as long as I can remember, I have been performing music. Whether I am playing for family, friends, or as part of the worship team, it is a huge part of who I am. Prior to being saved, selfishly wanting to be the best musician and having the best performance was my goal. It was something that was mine, it was something at which I was exceptional, and it made me feel like I was an icon of any event where I was playing (what a tool). Music is what sparked my interest in being at church. I heard a song, and it sounded very enticing, so I listened intently to learn the progressions of the song and maybe listen to a few lyrics. All I would do during worship time was listening to the progressions to see if I could play the song. Things got flipped and turned upside down when I became a believer. It was an extensive and exhausting process to humble myself before the Lord and give Him credit for my talents. It was also daunting to look at my behavior and ego to see that I should not receive any credit, but all the glory needs to go to God. One of the greatest gifts ever given to me was music, and I thank God for all of the blessings I have received. The greatest transformation, besides humbling myself, was that now I pay attention and study the lyrics before learning a song. I can study the artist and what the song means to them and how they were inspired to share their story. I can then learn from and see what perspective the artist learned it which gives me insight on that particular subject. 

The gathering is now probably the greatest highlight of my week. Not only do I get to learn the Word of God, but I also get to do so with the friends that I call family. I get to serve the Lord with my gifts and talents. I am also spiritually filled to go and spread the Word of God and love others as were called to do. Gatherings have grown on me so much that it is now a lifestyle of which I can be proud.

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