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The Gift of Family | Devotion #6: All Sales Final
Jen Combs | Women’s Ministry

It is the week before Christmas. So, you are probably stressed, broke, and tired of trying to figure out gifts for people who do not need a darn thing. Gifts, I am approaching my late thirties, and I still cannot decide how I feel about them. Are you the person that gets super excited to give and receive gifts? Are you the person who is a terrible gift giver? Are you a terrible gift receiver? As I said, I am a conflicted gift person. I do not like giving obligatory gifts (like Christmas), but if I find something that I know would be perfect for someone, I cannot wait to give it to them. I usually do not wait. I do not wrap it. I just race it right over to whoever I bought it for and give it to them. I know, I am a mess. 

Did you know that Scripture says that family is a gift? All over it talks about wives being a gift from the Lord (Proverbs 18:22; 19:14), grandchildren are a gift (Proverbs 17:6), and children are a gift (Psalm 127:3). As I said, you are probably stressed and not feeling like any of these things are a gift. After all, it is the time of year where you spend an inordinate amount of family time together, racing from place to place trying to appease all of those “gifts” that God has given you.  

So, this is your friendly reminder that during this season, the family is, in fact, a gift from the Lord; Scripture says the family is a gift. Now, I could feel some of your eye rolls from here. You are probably thinking, “You do not know the hurt, the abuse, the manipulation, or the dysfunction that I have been through in my family.” Or, you ask, “What if I do not have children, grandchildren, or a spouse? Does that mean I am without gifts from the Lord?” Absolutely not! That is why the Church body is so important. Josh and I have people in our lives that the Lord has given to us that are just as close as family. The key phrase is “the Lord has given to us.” He sees holes in our lives that need to be filled, and He fills them with His gifts. I cannot encourage you enough this Christmas season if you are lacking, to hold fast to your Church family and pray that the Lord will fill your gaps. Hold fast to the family the Lord has given you, whatever that family looks like to you. After all, they are gifts from the Lord, despite the way we may feel. 

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