Gather | Devotion #3: Delivered
Philip Piasecki

One of my personal passions is writing worship songs for the church. Our Gathering Team is filled with so many creative people, and we have had the opportunity to write a few songs together that our church now sings on a regular basis. Last year, we wanted to write a song that would work hand in hand with our Easter theme, and we ended up writing the song, “Delivered.” It is amazing how God can use multiple people, with multiple ideas, to come together to write one song. John Hubbard (Waterford Worship Leader) came to us with the lyrics for the chorus, and after that, the whole song started to flow. I want to take you through each part of the song and explore what we were trying to express through it.

Verse 1
Broken for broken
beaten for me
put on the cross called Calvary
Creator crucified
bled on that tree
descended to darkness, You died for me

For the first verse, Pastor Caleb had the idea of the phrase “Broken for broken.”The idea is that Jesus Christ was broken on the cross to save broken people. So many people treat Jesus as if He only died for those people who “have it all together,” but that could not be further from the truth. He was broken for a broken world and for broken people. The whole first verse is the story of His crucifixion, how He was broken, He was beaten, He bled, and He died all for us. Surprisingly, sometimes as believers it is easy to forget about the cross. We wanted to take the first verse of the song to sing about it, reminding us of what Jesus endured. This first verse sets up the rest of the song and the story.

Verse 2
All hope was shattered placed in the ground
Your body lay broken my Savior cast down
The stone rolled away
You rose from the grave
You are alive and now I will proclaim

The lyrics at the beginning of verse two express how it seemed like all hope was lost after Christ had died. I cannot even imagine being one of Jesus’ disciples at the time. To see the man you had faithfully followed for three years be crucified would have shattered all of my expectations about who Christ really was. However, then the miracle of the resurrection takes place. The stone was rolled away, Jesus rises from the dead, and because of that, we proclaim His praises.

From my wandering
From my sin and shame
You delivered me out of the grave
Now I’m found in You
You’re my hiding place
I will praise You for all of my days 

Jesus died and rose again to deliver us from our sinful life. That is what we celebrate in sing in the chorus. Part of the concept comes from the story of the Prodigal Son. He had left his father’s house, wandering the city streets living in sin, and living in shame. He had no hope until he returned home to his father. The father delivered him out of his wandering, sin, and shame. The father welcomed him home and gave him a place where he was protected and safe again. That is our same story, and it is why we sing that Jesus delivered us from our wandering and ultimately from the grave. Instead of being found in this world we can be found in Christ. It is in Christ that we can find strength and refuge, and that is something for which we should praise Jesus!

Verse 3
Death was defeated
your love abounds
Rise up in victory and claim Your crown
Creation rejoicing
come hear the sound
heavens be glad that salvation is found

Verse three continues the celebration of what Christ did, and how we should respond to that victory. One of my favorite lines in the whole song is found in verse three “Rise up in victory and claim Your crown.”It is this picture of Jesus taking what is rightfully His, victory over death and Hell, and claiming His crown as our King forever as creation. I remember Josh Lahring (Goodrich Worship Leader) bringing up the idea of even creation rejoicing and praising the Lord. It is so powerful to think that all of creation is worshipping God and we get to join along with it.

I’m found in You
I’m found in You
Your Love broke through
I’m found in You

I remember when we were writing this song we wanted something simple, yet profound for the bridge of the song. Isaiah Combs (Holly Worship Leader) came up with the simple and powerful idea of how Jesus’ love broke through everything and found us. We are no longer found in this world once we have been delivered from it; we are found in Christ. It is so powerful when the body of Christ is singing in unison “I’m found in You.”We get to declare to Jesus that we do not want to be found in our pain, circumstances, sin, or shame. We are found in Him.

I hope understanding the lyrics of this song has been an encouragement to you. Remember, when we gather together as the Body of Christ, we sing for a purpose. We sing to celebrate, to remember, and to confess. I pray that it is something we would not take lightly, but that we would recognize that we are coming before the Throne of God with our prayer and our worship.


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