Walking Theo 

The Flood • Devotion #5: Walking Theo
Mary Jane Johns

Theo is our chocolate lab. He is 79 pounds of pure muscle, slobber, and joy. Sometimes he sits and waits for us by looking longingly out the front window for either Steve or myself to pull in the driveway. In the process, he slimes my living room window. I still love him so much! Theo is a huge fan of daily walks through our subdivision. When walking, we generally take the same route every day, sunshine, snow, or wind. Theo has never met a pothole puddle he did not like. He is a very thankful and obedient pup. It is a sad day when it rains, and we cannot walk.  Although Theo would be fine to walk in the rain, I am not a big fan. 

In the Old Testament, God commanded Noah to build a huge boat. At that time, it was not even raining. The people around taunted and teased him relentlessly. Noah was obedient to God and did as he was told to the exact measurements. Noah brought his sons, their wives, a variety of animals, and birds into the boat. 

God flooded the earth. His wrath was relentless on an ungodly, unholy, dismissive people who did not heed God’s warning through His servant Noah. As the water continued to rise, it continued to rain. Then it rained some more! It was not small puddles (that Theo loves to run through), but huge amounts of water flooded the earth. It rained for 40 days and nights. God completely wiped the earth of people. Noah’s family was safe inside the ark. After a series of tests to prove that the earth was dry enough to walk on, Noah, his family, all the animals, and birds exited the ark. 

Genesis 8:20 says, “Then Noah built an altar to the Lord and took some of every clean animal and some of every clean bird and offered burnt offerings on the altar.”

Before Noah built a new home for himself, before he changed his clothes, before he even showered, He built an altar of sacrifice to the Lord. His greatest concern was not for himself, but to give honor to his holy and provisional God. Noah took the time to give God His very best which included clean animals to sacrifice.

Every day God is providing shelter for us in our deep waters. Noah showed a heart of thanksgiving through the pain of seeing the world wiped away. We can give honor to God for His provision for us through the rain and puddles that this life brings us. 

Joy through pain is difficult; however, we can walk through the deep waters of life without reservation. Giving an offering of praise is showing obedience to a faithful and holy God. Your story will be so much richer. Is He worthy of your adoration and praise? 

Take a moment and thank God for His continued provision and care for you while walking through the puddles and rainy moments.

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