The Flood • Devotion #3: Obedience
Sue Harrington

Through Noah, the ark, the animals, and the flood, we can learn a lesson of obedience and protection. God chose to save Noah and his family because Noah was found to be a righteous man (obedient to God’s commands), blameless in his generation (stood out), and walked with God (he had an obedient life). 

The Lord commanded Noah to build the ark and then gather the animals and food. He said He was going to wipe out all mankind because they had become corrupt, violent, and wicked. It grieved His heart. Noah knew that because he was obedient that there was spiritual safety in following God’s commands. Genesis 6:22 says, “Noah did this: He did all that God commanded him.” Each time God gave him instruction, he did what God asked. He never concerned himself if it was convenient; he just followed in the act of obedience. God knows that it may go against the ways of the world to be obedient, but it brings us protection. It is our place of refuge from the floods of the world in which we live. 

Just like God remembered Noah, his family, and the animals, He does not forget those who walk in obedience. We have to remain faithful when facing our storms. When Noah and his family were finally able to leave the ark, before doing anything else they built an altar to the Lord as an act of worship because they were grateful for God’s protection, thanking Him. Our hearts need to always be in a state of worship and thankfulness for all that God does for us in this same manner. Noah was not exempt from a sinful nature because he could have perished in the flood as well but God’s grace was upon Him, the same grace in which we are saved through faith in Jesus Christ! Noah’s life serves as a reminder to us all that judgment on sin is coming, the day of the Lord will come when He sends His Son. So, be an ambassador for Christ, obedient, and take His message of redemption to others.

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