Letters to the Next One

Prince of Peace | Devotion #4: Letters to the Next One
Ryan Story | Student Pastor

For the prophet Isaiah, or any of the prophets for that matter, to prophesy that Jesus was coming has the same significances as me writing to my next child. To immerse myself in how the prophets of old must have felt, this month I will be writing to a child that I do not know. My wife and I have not even begun talking about another child, but to understand how amazing the first coming of Christ was, we must understand that people were writing about a person who they did not know.  I am writing theses devotionals November of 2017, and I am eager to read these December of 2018.  

Dear Child,

There is a concept I would like you to have instilled in your heart. There is a Hebrew word, “Shalom.” That is a fancy way to say “peace.” In Isaiah chapter 9, Isaiah uses the phrase “Prince of Peace” to describe Jesus. The root word for peace translates roughly to a peace from completeness. Knowing how to be at peace with the completion of Jesus’ work is one of the most amazing types of peace you could ever have. Knowing that in any situation, hardship, adversity, and attack, you can rest assuredly that Jesus is in control should calm your heart in such a great way. Knowing Jesus brought a peace to our relationship with God should calm you during any ordeal.

Do not let yourself live in the area of stress, doubt, or faithlessness. There is nothing of profit there. As I type, I am reminded of a song by Hillsong United called “Prince of Peace.” It is playing in my headphones. One verse of that song strikes out to me:

  “When fear comes knockin, there You’ll be my guard
  When day breeds trouble, there you’ll hold my heart

  Come storm or battle, God I know Your peace will meet me there.”

No matter what the outcome, know that our God is there for us. He protects us and wants us to know He is there for His children.

Peace is not something that comes from anything we can do. Peace can only come from growing in God. Peace is a Fruit of the Spirit, and apart from the Spirit, you will not grow in it. To have peace, you have to have the Spirit and to get the Spirit inside of you, you must know the Son, who is the Prince of Peace. Child, I want you to have peace that is true but know that you will never have that if you do not know who Jesus is. Jesus is the only one who brings true completeness in our lives.

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