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Recognize | Devotion #5: Why?
Ryan Story | Student Pastor

All this week you have been reading from Luke chapter 24. The story of the two men walking to the city of Emmaus and Jesus closely following behind them is fascinating on many levels. The fact that the two men did not recognize Jesus is baffling. The fact that Jesus continued to walk with them getting the scuttlebutt of what was going on in Jerusalem is hilarious. Reading the Bible should produce a healthy amount of “whys,” and “whys” are okay. The entire time I read this story, the amount of “whys” that continued to pop out at me started making the whole story overwhelming. We have all been in a conversation with a child where they ask a “why question” only to follow it up with another “why question.” Amazingly, that is how God showed me an amazing truth on why Jesus decided to show up to these two men.

I have watched entirely too many movies, read too many comic books, and watched entirely too many cartoons. One of my favorite parts in any movie, comic, or cartoon is when the hero returns. The moment you think that the hero is done for and they are no more, then “BOOM” the legendary hero returns. If you have ever read or watched Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Dragon Ball Z, Superman, Avengers, or even Ninja Turtles, you know how awesome those moments are! Now those are all fiction, those are all fantasy, but in the return of Jesus, this is one time when reality tells a better story than fiction. Jesus has risen from the dead and what was one of the things He loved doing, walking among men. When God first showed me this, the thought that Jesus was walking around for thirty-three years with man seems to make my finding rather lackluster. But I traced my “whys” back to the very beginning.

Back in Genesis chapter 3, after Adam and Eve broke God’s command, the Bible says in verse eight, “God was walking in the garden.” Now there are tons of thoughts on if this walking was a “spiritual walk” or a “physical walk,” but wherever you want to land on that, there are instances in the Bible where God appears tangibly and in a seemingly human form (Genesis chapters 16 and 18). Fancy word of the day, when God does show up in a tangible human sense, it is called a “theophany.” So with all of that information, we know God has always enjoyed walking among His creation.

Now back to Luke chapter 24, why was Jesus walking with those men? Simple, God loves walking with His creation. Only now Jesus got to enjoy something that He has not been able to enjoy in quite some time. Jesus was able to walk with man, knowing that sin was finally defeated, and man had an ability to embrace the full relationship with God. It was what God had originally intended. One thing I have enjoyed over the last few months is going on walks with my oldest son. He does not like being in a stroller anymore; he likes walking or riding his scooter. It is a feeling I cannot describe. I cannot fathom how it made Jesus feel to be walking among people knowing they could finally walk toward eternity with Him.

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