Delivery Man • David
Richie Henson | Production Director

One of the most amazing things about the Bible is the ability it has to use the Old Testament to teach us about Jesus. Just think how spectacular it is that all of the writings that came thousands of years before Jesus ever stepped foot on the earth were pointing to Him. They were preparing the way for the one Messiah whom would deliver us all from the clutches of sin and death. To me, that is the greatest Bible attribute setting it apart from all other “holy” books. The Bible is singularly focused on helping people come to know Jesus as their Savior.

With this idea in mind, I would like us to look at David and more specifically his run in with Goliath. As we read the story of David and Goliath, it is clear that the people of Israel were being held captive by the Philistines. Each day, Goliath came out and mocked the Israelites and God and each day the Israelites cowered before him. When David arrives on the scene, full of faith, he firmly believes that God desires to deliver His people from the Philistines. So, David approaches Saul about going forth as the Israelite champion.

As Saul tried to discourage David, David recounted that God had given him the strength to deliver sheep from the mouth of a lion and in turn, God will give David the strength to deliver Israel from the Philistines. We all remember how the story went from there. David took smooth stones and slings one killing Goliath. The Israelites are delivered, and they gain the strength and power they need to run into the valley and defeated the entirety of the Philistine army.

I think it is of great importance to look at this passage in light of Jesus. The giant that is sin mocks us in the valley, declaring that we are worthless and God has no power. In our time of dire need and desperation, Jesus by His death, burial, and resurrection has slung the proverbial stone of victory, casting this giant that causes such fear to the earth in a heap of defeat. In the same way, David slew the giant to provide deliverance for God’s people; Jesus has defeated the giant debt of sin and death and delivered us to life eternal.

So, just as the Israelites were spurred on to fight valiantly following their deliverance by David, we as followers of Jesus should be even more spurred on by the deliverance we have through Jesus to fight the good fight each day, pursuing all that is holy and right in the sight of God.

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