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Delivery on Time • On Time Delivery
Max Sinclair | Children’s Director

For most of my adult life, I think the most joy that I have ever had is realizing that what I ordered from Amazon is on my front porch. It is like a mini Christmas morning for adults who already know what was ordered. This small, yet major sense of joy is just awesome, from books to movies and bobbleheads of past Presidents that arrive by mail; just waiting for me to rip into and order more. This sense of overwhelming satisfaction is further intensified by it being delivered on time. Because I am a nerd and a dork most of the time, I imagine how it arrived; was it by rail, or plane, or just on a truck? The possibilities are endless. As awesome as that being what it is, we need to look at something far more important and precious of a delivery that helped the world.

The death of Christ and His fulfillment of the scriptures of the Old Testament were necessary and right on time. We see this in the prophet Isaiah’s writing in chapter 54, “For a brief moment I deserted you, but with great compassion I will gather you” (verse 7). This verse does not necessarily explain the Lord’s timing, but it does, however, show His will and its perfect manifestation. You see God is just, and being that as it is, God must demand the payment that comes with sin, by which is death. With that being the punishment for our sin, a delivery of grace and mercy was sent, His Son and the second part of the Holy Trinity, Jesus Christ. As Christ waited to be sent, God showed His divine providence to the children of Israel to prepare the way for His Son, the Messiah. So as the people of Israel stumbled and failed, God had told Isaiah, “In overflowing anger for a moment I hid my face from you…” (verse 8). God had left the temple and the children of Israel; for around 400 years the God of the patriarchs of faith had been silent to His chosen people. Verse 8 continues, “But with everlasting love I will have compassion on you, says the Lord, your Redeemer.” Based on that everlasting love and compassion, the Creator of the Universe sent His Son to show us the way and poured His wrath and the punishment for our sin on Him so that we may have a relationship with Him.

Throughout our lives, we will lose touch and forget that everything in life is in His timing. Even our salvation and the promises of God and the blessings that come with it are in His timing. We need to remember even in this season of rejoicing for the debt that was paid and His resurrection, that these things come in His time.

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