Jesus is Never Late

Delivery on Time • Jesus is Never Late
Philip Piasecki | Worship Leader

The concept of a due date has always been fascinating to me. When Mary and I found out she was pregnant with our daughter Molly, we immediately wanted to know a due date. At the first couple doctor appointments, the number jumped around a bit, and it finally settled on April 15th. April 15th we could bank on meeting our new baby girl, or at least that is what we thought. April 15th came and went with no baby. Mary had already been done with work for a month, and I had taken that week off of work to be prepared all because of the due date. Every day after the due date passed was filled with stress and anxiety. Every text or call I received from Mary, I assumed would be telling me that she had gone into labor. It took another twelve days past her “due date” before labor began, and another full day before Molly was born. Altogether, she came thirteen days past her due date. We waited and waited for her, and then had to wait just a little bit longer. Throughout this whole time, I could not help but think about the Jewish people waiting for the arrival of Jesus. They had been promised a Messiah, and it was up to them to wait patiently for Him to arrive. Not only was the arrival of Jesus’ prophesied, but specific aspects of His birth, life, death, and resurrection were foretold in the Old Testament as well. Jesus, without fail, fulfilled every one of those prophecies!

Take time today and read through Isaiah chapter 53. The whole chapter is prophecy about Jesus’ life, and He fulfilled them all. It gives details about how Jesus would be killed; it is a sobering reminder of how truly brutal the death of Christ was. While reading through these prophecies that Christ fulfilled, I kept thinking “Jesus is never late.” His arrival to earth, ministry, death, and resurrection were all done in His perfect timing. No matter what is going on in your own life, Jesus is never late. His timing is perfect in all things; it is up to us to fully trust Him through the circumstances of life. Easter is an incredible reminder that Jesus was delivered over to death, to deliver us from eternal punishment. When we give our lives to Christ, His Holy Spirit then lives inside of us, guiding and sustaining us every day. Jesus is always there for us; do not despair if you feel like He is not close. It is so natural for us to think our circumstances are never going to change, or the difficulty we are facing is never going to end. I have gone through difficulties where I felt like God was never going to show up and intervene, then in hindsight, I was able to see how He was present throughout the entire situation. Jesus loves you, cares for you, and will never forsake you.

Jesus is never late!

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