Swimming Lesson

Death #6  December 2 Swimming Lesson

My prayer life often leaves something to be desired. I struggle remembering that God wants us to ask, even for the small things. A short time ago God reminded me of that truth, and it prompted me to write this.

I got a few days off and got the chance to go up north fishing with some close friends. One of the guys lost his prescription sunglasses, and we began looking anywhere and everywhere we possibly could to try to find them. After about half the day of searching, I said a quick prayer just asking God to do something cool and help us find his glasses. Literally, within minutes he found the glasses and I thought “wow that was cool” and then just forgot about it as the day went on.

Later that night I was making the drive from where we were fishing to my parents’ cabin when I saw red and blue flashing lights in my rearview mirror. I knew I was speeding and knew this was going to be another ticket on my record that leaves something to be desired. The officer was very polite, and I tried to be as I fought off my annoyance with myself for speeding when I know better. He went back to his car to run all of my information, and while I was sitting there, I thought about how great it was to have a couple of days off and that this ticket was going to be the blemish on the whole time. For the second time that day I said a quick prayer telling God that I knew the ticket was my fault but that it sure would be awesome if I did not get one. About that time the officer came back, handed me my cards, and my paperwork and told me to slow down but never gave me a ticket.

While I was continuing the drive to my cabin, I asked why in the world God would do these things for me, a guy who screws up multiple times a day. That was when a small voice inside of me said “I reached down for Peter, even though he could swim” (Matthew 14:22-33).  Peter spent his whole life on the water, he would have been an excellent swimmer, but Jesus still reached down to lift him out of the water. Just because you are not drowning in this world does not mean that you should not grab hold of the hand Jesus is holding out for you.

Through my life, I had wondered if or when God was going to tell me that enough is enough and that He is done helping me until I clean up my act. Let us be honest God has done plenty of huge things for us. He sent his only Son so that we could have a way to get to Heaven, He pulled me out of an enormous self-inflicted mess, and He gave me my dream job working at a Church.

When you look at your life, and you see the big things God has done, like letting Peter walk on water, it is easy to forget the little things He does, like reaching down to pick somebody up who could already swim. Do not wade your way through life, grab hold of Jesus’ hand and walk on water with Him!

Brett Eberle

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