Prep Work

Ministry #3  November 15       Prep Work

John the Baptist had very clear orders for his life.  Matthew 3:3 says, “For this is he who was spoken of by the prophet Isaiah when he said, ‘The voice of one crying in the wilderness: ‘Prepare
the way of the Lord; make his paths straight.’” John’s entire life mission was to prepare hearts and minds for the moment when Jesus would start His ministry. John dedicated his life to preparing the way for Jesus. That kind of dedication is admirable. John was bold, John was an outcast, and John never gave up because he knew what he was preparing.

While I write this my son who is a year and a half, and my five-day-old son are both asleep. While I am still called to model and live out what Jesus told me to do in The Great Commission, I feel compelled to make sure that I am preparing the way for my sons’ lives similar to what John did for Jesus. Now when John was preparing the way he was announcing that the Kingdom of God had come. While I do not plan on preparing my sons for any sort of Messianic complex, I do plan on doing everything in my ability to make their path is as clear and straight as possible, so they walk the way the Lord wants them to. The way I look at how I should be preparing the way is similar to John. John was willing to live a life of sacrifice, discomfort, and complete devotion to the task of developing the way. 

Every Christian has a person in their life that they should be working to help make their paths straight. No Christ follower is ever going to say they want to be a stumbling block in someone’s life. So we should all take a moment and pray to find out what things we need to start doing to help straighten someone’s path for them to get to God. Imagine how John felt as the Jesus movement started taking off. Imagine all the toil, all the work that John put in would have been well worth it the moment John started seeing people being healed, people being taught, people starting to draw around the One that John was sent to prepare His ministry.

My hope and prayer in my life is that I can pave the way to God so well for my sons that my ceiling will be their floor. I want to help remove every sin I struggle with if it means my sons have a better shot at serving Jesus. I plan on living a life that opens up a path for my boys. Now clearly every parent is going to say that. But as Christians, how often do we focus on making sure we are living our lives to clear the path for our co-workers, friends, or even the random person you walked passed in the grocery store. Take some time today and think about the things you need to start doing to open a path up for those around you. 

Pastor Ryan Story

Student Pastor

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