How to Give #3 – Happy To Do It

How to Give #3 – Happy To Do It
Ryan Story | Student Pastor

One of my favorite things about the Christmas season is Starbucks. Nothing is better than Peppermint Mocha. It tastes like Christmas in a cup. If you order five “seasonal beverages,” then they will give you one free. I generally have my fifth sticker before December ever hits. Needless to say, I go to Starbucks a ton. On one morning, my wife and I were going through the drive through, ordered breakfast, and my coffee. We get up to the window and the barista tells us that the person in front of us paid for our order. I was shocked because the total was around $20. While sitting there in awe and thanksgiving, “WWJD” popped into my head. I had the internal monologue go on about, “sweet free coffee” versus “here is a moment you can show the generosity of Jesus to someone.” I decided to keep the “pay it forward” mentality going, so I paid for the lady behind me. It was not necessary, it was not required, but I was happy to do it. After we had left Starbucks, we got on Saginaw Road and headed to drop my wife of at work and for me to drop my son off at his babysitter’s. Out of nowhere, my wife starts smiling and waving and saying, “No problem, you are welcome.” I thought for a moment she lost her mind, but she was talking to the car next to us.  Go figure, it was the lady whose coffee we just paid for.

I know at times we have all experienced buyer’s remorse. I have bought many useless things in my life and then regret using my money to buy set items. However, I have never experienced buyer’s remorse when I give with Jesus as the core reason why I gave. Now to list all the things I have been able to financially contribute to God’s kingdom is, well, pride and would then I would be sinning. However, I have never felt bad about giving to God. I have never felt like it went to waste. I have never questioned whether or not God was able to use the little I was able to give.

We live in such a tight-fisted culture where we must know for a fact that our giving went to something and helped a person. If we need to know our giving or generosity was used to better a situation to what our standards deem better, are we really giving faithfully? I did not buy that lady coffee because I knew it would give me the opportunity for me tell her about Jesus, I gave because I felt that Jesus would have done the same thing. In 2 Corinthians 9, it says, “For God loves a cheerful giver.” Maybe more people would see Jesus more if His Church was willing just to be happy to give. Maybe if the lost world we interact with every day would see that we were more focused on being cheerful, generous people, maybe we would start seeing more people come to Jesus. Who knows, maybe God can use a cup of coffee to bring a person to know Christ, just because I was happy to give.

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