How to Give #1 – The Price is Right

How to Give #1 – The Price is Right
Chris Cain | Women’s Ministry Director

In an attempt to teach a lesson, a mother gave her young daughter a quarter and a dollar for church. She told her daughter to put whichever one she wanted in the offering basket and to keep the other for herself. When they were leaving the gathering, the mother asked her daughter which amount she had given. “Well,” said the child, “I was going to give the dollar, but just before the offering, the pastor said that we should all be cheerful givers. I knew I’d be a lot more cheerful if I gave the quarter, so I did.” 

How many of us are like that little girl? Oh, we would be much happier to keep that money and grow our 401k instead of our 401h (h for Heaven). We would be much happier to go the dentist than to volunteer.  We wear a Grinch grin when looking onto our hoards of possessions. We squander our resources. If the Pastor preaches on tithing. we roll our eyes and think, “That’s what I thought, that guy only wants MY money!”

If that is your stance on giving, oh how you are missing out. Giving is an expression of love, an act of worship to God, the ultimate giver. 2 Corinthians 9:7 Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver. Paul is teaching us that we are not to give reluctantly and not to be insincere in our giving as those actions have no place in the lives of those who follow Christ. Think about it, would you really want to receive a gift from a reluctant or forced giver?  What is your heart attitude when the offering basket passes by?  Is it part of your worship?  God desires our heart to be in the right place.

 Paul is teaching us to do more than just give.  He says to give cheerfully, to give joyfully. The last time I checked, the word joyful meant “feeling, expressing or causing great happiness and/or pleasure.”  One of my all-time favorite game shows is The Price is Right.  The over-the-top crazy antics of excited contestants who leap for joy then tackle Bob Barker is the kind of enthusiasm that I imagine Paul is speaking of.  A cheerful giver of time, treasure, talents and resources is what God desires.

Do you know the joy of giving? Be a cheerful giver. . .you can’t afford not to.

The price is right!

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