God or Money #3 – The Money god

God or Money #3 – The Money god
Ryan Story | Student Pastor

We live in a dangerous time. There is an undertone in American Christianity that tries to teach the idea that “if everything in your life is going well financially, God is happy with you, so you should give more, and He will give you more money. But, if there seems to be an issue in your life financially then God is mad at you, so you should give more, so He can give you more.” I am all for God blessing us, His undeserving children, but it scares me when people connect their relationship with God to their bank account. There is a scary false Gospel that is taught that God loves more to those who give more, but if someone does not give more, they bring ruin to their life. It is a scary thought that people start serving God, living for God, and honoring God for monetary gain. Now no one is going to say outright that he or she serves Jesus for the “kickbacks,” but we have created a Jesus who only gives back to those who give. If we are not careful, we can wind up becoming confused about who our Lord is. We can slowly be trapped into thinking that money is our master.

In Matthew 6, Jesus points out that “No one can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and money.” I like when Jesus is straightforward and to the point. There is not much need to bring out a commentary, or for us to get together and discuss what Jesus is trying to get at. Jesus is warning us of the control that money can have on our lives. To say someone has turned money into his or her master creates some interesting imagery in my mind. All I can picture is a dollar bill with a crown and people bowing in its presence. People getting excited when “king dollar” greets them on the street, and people saddened whenever something bad happens to the king. Now we may laugh at the thought of that, but the reality is Jesus is warning us about the power that money can hold over someone’s life.

Take some time this month to figure out if Jesus is your master or if money is. Do you hate Jesus when things are not going your way financially? We can only serve one master on this Earth; I am hoping we all choose to serve Jesus with our whole being. 

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