Standing on the Promises

Promises #1 – Standing on the Promises
Matt Hatton | Student Ministries Director

A promise is simply a declaration made by someone that something will or will not happen. We make promises to one another to give a peace of mind, ensure security in a difficult time, and to pledge our allegiance where it may be questioned. “I promise to do my homework if I can go to the game.” “I promise always to be patient and selfless.” “I promise to take the trash out.” I cannot count how many promises I have made and kept. I also cannot count how many promises I have made and have not kept. Maybe I do not know how to count in general. The point is that we, humanly speaking, tend to make promises, keep promises, and often break promises. Our word is flawed because we are flawed people. We make predictions with our promises and sometimes those predictions are left empty.

As Joshua was getting older, nearing his final days, he gave a charge to all the leaders of Israel to trust in the promises of God. In Joshua 23:14 the Bible says, “And now I am about to go the way of all the earth, and you know in your hearts and souls, all of you, that not one word has failed of all the good things that the Lord your God promised concerning you. All have come to pass for you; not one of them has failed.” Not only are there promises of God’s provision and grace, but there are also the promises of His justice. God does not fail us. God will not fail us. What He says in His Word is true; His promises are true.

The promises of God are much different from the promises of man. The promises of God are eternal, not temporal. The promises of God are not predictions. He knows what He is going to do and does it. God promises Eternal Life for those that believe in Him. He promises forgiveness, Himself as the Holy Spirit, to supply our needs, wisdom, guidance, peace, victory over sin and death, protection, and an end to suffering. God’s promises are something we can put our hope in. His promises are something we can stand on. He is the firm foundation that we can place everything in our lives upon.

As God’s Word teaches us in Matthew 6, we must be careful with our promises. If we make promises on our own grounds, then they will be flawed and broken.  If we live our lives according to God’s Word, then our words should be reflective of that. As followers of Christ, we need to be trustworthy people with a trustworthy word because out of our lips we can share the promises of God that are not flawed, broken, or fallible.

My prayer is this: “Lord, thank you for your wonderful promises.  Thank you for being a firm foundation that I can build my life upon. Let my words reflect your words.  Help me to be an honest and trustworthy person because of my trust in you and your promises.”

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