It Looks Like Rain

Storm Shelter • Devotion #2: It Looks Like Rain
Ryan Story | Student Pastor

When I was a kid, the best place to be on a Friday night was Caesar Land. If you have no idea what Caesar Land was, and you are my age, then you had a very lame childhood. If you are older than I am, you did not have children. Caesar Land was located on Dixie Highway, and it was the place to be. They had a giant play structure, pizza, and the most important thing arcade games. I would spend hours up there playing Street Fighter 2, X-Men, and pinball machines. There is something about a good pinball machine that just brings a smile to my face. Many of the pinball games were great, but my favorite was one called “Whirlwind.”  Now I wish I could explain how this pinball machine was technologically superior to the others, but I cannot. I wish I could say that this game was my favorite because of the way it was laid out, but I could not. The only reason I was drawn to this game was one single reason when you pulled back the plunger to launch the ball it would say, “It looks like rain.” I have no idea why, but Whirlwind and the phrase “it looks like rain” would always grab my attention.

If you have ever been outside in the summer, at some point you have had to see a storm roll in. I can think of many times when I was a kid and my friends and I were playing hockey or swimming we would see a storm rolling in. We would stop playing outside and move the action inside. In our walks with God, have you ever seen a storm rolling in and you did nothing to help your situation. When we see a storm coming in, we have to take action immediately. I know there are times in my life where I know there is a conflict brewing with my wife, and I just sit back and wait for it to hit. I do not advise this, but there are times I know the issue, I know how to resolve the issue, but for some odd reason I just sit back and do nothing as the storm starts in my marriage. I have learned that when I see storm clouds forming, it is best that I avoid the storm or ask Jesus how I am going to get through it. Marriage is just one example of this, but take some time and think, when it looks like rain, are you trying to figure out how to avoid the downpour? 1 Peter 5:8 says, “Be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.” When we see the clouds rolling in, the devil is lying in wait ready to pick us off. When those clouds are rolling in, do you change your behavior? When you see a storm on the horizon in your life, what do you go and grab, an umbrella or a lightning rod?

When it looks like rain, we all must prepare for the storm. Sometimes that means going inside, sometimes that means barring up windows, but we all must do something when a storm comes rolling in. Next time you start seeing a storm of life, take a moment and figure out how you are going to prepare for it. The lazy idea of “let go and let God” is not the soundest advice. Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus, and next time you find yourself in the beginning parts of a storm, find comfort knowing Jesus will be your guide through it.

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