For Your Glory And For Me

Storm Shelter • Devotion #1: For Your Glory And For Me
Ryan Story | Student Pastor

One of the most beautiful sights in the world is when you are on a road trip and it is a bright, magnificent day, and you see storm clouds on the horizon.  Something about seeing the dark heavy clouds in the distance while the sun is still on your shoulders makes for some fun internal dialogue. There becomes a wired sense of panic and excitement that starts to boil up in us. Then we start going though the storm; let us all be honest sometimes you have started driving through a rain storm, and you start white knuckling your steering wheel while others are as calm as can be. Many times while going through a storm, both metaphorically and literally, I tend only to think of myself.  Often while going through a storm, I catch myself thinking, “It is not the storm I am worried about it is the morons around me that I am worried about.”

If you spend some time reading Matthew 8:23-27, you will see a very popular story involving Jesus and His disciples. The straightforward application and meaning of the story is to show Jesus’ authority, power, and glory over all things. However, when we dig a little bit more in the story, we can see that Jesus is teaching more than just that. While I was reading Matthew 8, a puzzling thought came to my mind. If Jesus knows all things (one of the perks of being omniscient), why would He choose to take a boat to get to Gadarenes? Every sane person who has ever been boating knows that you do not stay on the lake during a storm! Why would Jesus take the risk? Did He just want to prove a point? Was this just an amazing teaching point and He needed water and lightning to get His point across? Did He just want to scare a bunch of fishermen? I could be off, but I had a thought about why He might have wanted to go on a boat hours before a storm blew in.

During that storm, Jesus would have known that 2000 years after it happened that we would be reading it today. He knew I would be writing about it; He knew you would be reading about it. When the storm was at its peak, He knew that Peter, John, Judas, and the others would be teaching us all a lesson. That is a cool thought to ponder. Jesus chose to take them through the storm for His glory, and He chose to take them through the storm for me.  At the time Jesus did not have to look at Peter and say, “Hey, dude, I know you are freaking out right now, but there will be a church in Michigan that is going to learn a lot from this moment.” The storm that the disciples were going through was used to teach them a lesson, but it was also used to teach us one. Take a second to think about that, the storm you are going through is there to teach you, but also God is using it to teach others.

That idea “it is not the storm I am worried about it is the morons around me that I am worried about” that plagues my mind during storms, came crumbling down while reading this. We go through storms for God’s glory and to help others grow closer to Jesus. Storms of life can be devastating. From death all the way to a simple fender bender, they are all storms. Take a moment to think about who is watching your walk with God. Take a moment today and ask yourself if you are ready to let Jesus use your storm to help another person.

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