October 28th

I accepted Jesus at a young age. My parents always made me go to church when I was younger (which I’m now grateful for), where my Sunday school teachers and small group leaders would tell us about heaven, hell, and Jesus coming to die for our sins. As a child, I knew that I was a sinner, that I had disobeyed God, and that I was going to hell because of my sin. My response to that understanding was to ask Jesus to forgive me of my sins so I would not have to go to hell and face the punishment that I fully deserved.  I remember being ten years old and praying alongside my Sunday school teacher for God to forgive me of my sins and to save me from hell. The years went on and I never really wanted to go to church, I never cared nor knew what it meant to further Gospel, I never lived life with an eternal perspective, but I still called myself a Christian. I knew who Jesus was, I knew that God sent Him to die on the cross for my sin, and I knew I needed to believe that and trust in that to be saved… but where was the passion? Where was the yearning to live my life entirely for the Cause of Christ? I knew Jesus but did I really know what it meant to LIVE my life for Him?!?!

Winter camp, when I was sixteen years of age was a huge turning point in my walk with Jesus. Spending time in prayer, listening to preaching and teaching, and being in God’s Word during that weekend and the weeks to follow became a forming point in my life. I felt the conviction to take God’s Word to all the earth, a passion to not waste my life, and live sold out for Him began to grow inside of me like never before.  Reading the Bible and listening to God’s Word became the center of EVERYTHING that I pursued in life!

That moment/time in my life was like many others that followed to help shape and mold me into the follower of Christ that I am today. The good experiences in my life as well as the most horrific of moments, God has used to sanctify and build me into the man that He wants me to be!

Every one of us is different, and each has his or her own story. Christ saved me in my youth; I give Him all the glory! No matter your background, good, bad, or ugly, our lives are now God’s. The stories we have written, and the ones that we have yet to write should be told with Jesus at the center!

1 Corinthians 10:31says, “So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all to the glory of God.”


Matthew Hatton
Student Ministries Director

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