Letters to my son- “Act like a man”

1 Corinthians 16:13-14:

Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong. Let all that you do be done in love.


Being a man is an interesting thing. Men can watch something on YouTube and become experts at any task; however, true manhood can only be learned by being welcomed into this “fraternity” by another man. Son, since the moment I bit into that cupcake and saw blue, my life changed. You went from being my baby to being my son. As excited as I was, there was also a new feeling I have never felt before. I felt a mixture of excitement and fear with a dash of “over-whelmed-ness.” Broly, the hard reality is this; there are not many men in this world. There are tons of adult boys around, but few are men. This world does not need more boys. It needs men! Men that are strong, Godly, and mature. So I challenge you, my son, act like a man.

For years, I feared the day that God would bless me with you. I am terrified of the idea of failing you and not showing you what a man is. I prayed and prayed for weeks when you were first born about how I was going to show you how to be a man, and each time I came to the reality that I will always fall short. I am a failure. I could not figure out how to show you how to be tender and loving and yet be tough as iron. How do I teach you to hold your tongue in meekness and humility, and yet be bold enough to stand up for the things you believe in? How do I teach you to walk with confidence and boldness and be willing to put everyone before yourself? How do I teach a boy to protect his loved ones, and yet turn the other cheek? Sadly, I am horribly unqualified to show you such things, but I knew someone who was.

I realized very quickly that if I am going to show you how to act like a man, I better show you who the perfect man is. True manhood does not mean being perfect; it means trusting in Christ’s perfection. Broly, I lived more than half my life without Jesus. I put all of my hopes and dreams in my own hands. I modeled my ways after me. Trust me; a man is not someone who builds his life with his own hands. A true man is someone who allows Jesus to build us into His image. I tried to build my life into what I thought I wanted. I want you to let Jesus build you into the man that you need to become.

The best advice I can give you about growing up is always to have a map. Men do not like maps. Men like to figure out stuff on our own; we like to make our own path. However, without a map, son, we can get lost very quickly. Feeling lost is the worst feeling you could ever experience. Your map is right in front of you. Your map is Jesus. He has always known you. He knows the path you are going to walk. The question is, do you try to read this map? Broly, I cannot make you read the Bible, I cannot make you pray, and I cannot force you to spend quiet time with God. Broly, He is your map. Will you use it?


Ryan Story
Student Pastor

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