A Place for You • Devotion 5

Do You Believe?
William Kinney

“Believe me that I am in the Father and the Father is in me, or else believe on account of the works themselves.” John 14:11

Why is it so hard to believe what God says is true? Yet, it seems so easy for us to consider the lies of Satan and our untruthful thoughts. We can too often accept, “If you were saved, you wouldn’t think like that,” or “If God loved me, He wouldn’t allow this terrible situation to happen in my life.” These thoughts and lies make us feel like we are not under God’s grace and provision, and when we believe these lies, we let Satan win. If you have thoughts like this, be encouraged, because you are not alone. Every Christian believes Satan’s shaming lies at some point in their lives.

We need to be even more inspired by what Jesus is saying in John 14:11! Jesus is saying that He is God, and God is Him. He says to believe Him and not the lies of Satan. If we do not trust His words, we are to look and reflect upon His deeds. Most importantly, we need to focus on Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection. If Jesus were not in the Father and the Father in Him, He would not have been able to take the sins of the world upon Him or even have the authority to forgive us.

I think sometimes we forget the importance of the cross, which leads us to question our faith and belief in God’s Word. Without the miraculous works Jesus did on the cross out of love for us, we would not have had a chance to have a relationship with God, our Creator and Father in Heaven. With our relationship restored with God, we can now believe that He is walking with us, preparing our steps, and that He loves us! Because of that love, God literally died for us! We sometimes do not believe this because we cannot fathom this unconditional love. We are all undeserving of Jesus’ actions on the cross, for His actions forgave us of all past, present, and future sins!

For us to genuinely believe this, we need to persevere through the doubts and continue to worship God in everything we do, for this is how we beat the lies of Satan. If we continue our disciplines of worship, Scripture reading, and giving glory to God for all things despite doubts and struggles, God will restore our hearts and minds. So, let us stay faithful to God, even when we have doubts and believe lies because that shows God that we are willing to sacrifice how we feel out of love and commitment to Him. It is the least we can do after the ultimate sacrifice, show of love, and faithfulness He displayed on the cross for each of us.
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