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Pastor Ryan and Cathy Story

Song of Solomon leaves its readers with many questions. While there are thoughts and ideas about this book in Scripture, many answers just are not known. One aspect that is abundantly clear would be that the bride and bridegroom genuinely delight in the one they love. It seems pretty safe to say, you cannot read through these eight chapters and deny that fact! The bride looks at her bridegroom and delights in everything about him. She is broken-hearted when he is not there with her. In Song of Solomon 5:8, she says, “I adjure you, O daughters of Jerusalem, if you find my beloved, that you tell him I am sick with love.” Among the bridegroom’s many responses to his love, Song of Solomon 7:6 writes, “How beautiful and pleasant you are, O loved one, with all your delights!” Their adoration for one another is something they express time and time again.

With so many unknowns from this book, we might picture different scenarios. One scenario could be that clearly this is a young married couple, they still hold all of that whimsy and wonder that is so common early in marriage. Can we imagine this couple still being this delighted with one another years into a marriage? While love certainly should deepen and grow as the marriage progresses, there tends to be less of the whimsy, wonder, and constant flattery that often exists in the early stages of being with a loved one.

Daily routines, monotony, and annoying habits can seem to erode away at some of the initial delights we may have first felt as a couple. That does not mean that appreciation is lacking, but it seems so common that married couples lose some of the wonder they once held with their spouse. Consider when was the last time you genuinely thought and prayed through delighting in your spouse. We can quickly get caught up in focusing on the negative and frustrating aspects of our relationship (and they are there!), but that is one thing we do not see ever happening in Song of Solomon. The bride is never expressing frustration that her bridegroom is gone, but rather a sadness at the fact that he is not there. The bridegroom is not just satisfied with coming home, greeting his bride, and telling her she looks nice today; rather upon seeing her, he showers her with words of adoration. If you find your mind wanting to drift to negative thoughts regarding your spouse, work to pull your mind back to the things you delight in about your spouse. When you are able to mentally find what you delight in, then work on taking opportunities to text, call, and say those things to your spouse at every chance you get.
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