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Remind Them
Pastor Ryan and Cathy Story

People love to be told how well they are doing. You may like hearing how beautiful and clean your home is, how nice your outfit looks, how much great work you put into that task, or how amazing your children are turning out! We all love compliments! I have this habit of when I cook, I like to ask my family just how much they enjoyed the meal. I can ask multiple times in one sitting if they liked the new recipe, if would they change anything, or if I should make it again. Chances are I will still leave the table feeling as if I would be alright if I was told again how good the meal was. We all love positive feedback. We live in a society where we can post pictures online where our friends and family can share their adoration, likes, and love of whatever is happening in our lives. As people, we love to hear that others are pleased and delighted with us.

Consider for a moment just how often in the Song of Solomon we read the bride and bridegroom reminding one another of their love. He reminds her in Song of Solomon 1:8, “O most beautiful among women,” and she reminds him in 5:10, “My beloved is radiant and ruddy.” These are two of many examples of times they expressed adoration for their loved ones. These two lovers leave no room for doubt about how they feel.

Think about how long it takes for you to start doubting something. If I think about my cooking with my family, if I have not heard someone say within the first few bites that the meal tastes good, I am probably already starting to doubt if it turned out very well. Have you ever posted a picture on social media and then contemplated taking it down because no one had said anything about it within a few minutes? Doubts can creep in so fast! Ephesians 4:27 reminds us, “And give no opportunity to the devil.”

Do not hesitate to remind your spouse, or any loved ones, just how much you love and delight in them. Challenge yourself to go beyond just liking the shirt they are wearing today. Remind them. Tell them. Tell them again, and then again. I would guess that Song of Solomon really could have kept going, that there would be more they could have, and probably did say, to one another. Live your marriage like a sequel to Song of Solomon, but it is you and your spouse. Remind them how and why you love them and after you have done that, remind them again.
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