Salt • Devotion 1

Rich Sawicki

I really enjoy living in the state of Michigan.

We are truly blessed to have the opportunity to experience all four seasons. I have to say that my favorite season is winter. There is nothing quite like that very first snowfall of the year. It looks truly amazing before anyone has driven or walked through the new covering of snow. It is perfect, without spot or blemish, it covers everything and makes it look pure.

Although, I love the way it looks when the fresh snow blankets everything, I do not recommend being the first one out on the roads, as it can be very dangerous. Underneath that beautiful white covering lies an extremely deadly and dangerous layer of ice. Our road commission workers tirelessly work to make sure we have safe roads to travel on in these harsh weather conditions. I am extremely thankful that they brave the dangerous snow and salt the roads, so we do not spin out of control.

Jesus calls us the salt of the earth. Matthew 5:13 says, “You are the salt of the earth, but if the salt has lost its taste, how shall its saltiness be restored? It is no longer good for anything except to be thrown out and trampled under people’s feet.”

The salt that is used to melt the icy roads and keep people from spinning out of control, does absolutely nothing if it is left just sitting in a giant pile at the road commission’s yard. The salt must be applied to the icy roads, in direct contact with the ice, for it to work.

As Christ’s followers, we also must be brave like the road commission workers. We need to be in direct relationships with non-believers in order to broadcast our salt, to melt their icy hearts, and keep them safe from disaster.

Once the salt on the road gets diluted, either from being crushed by the weight of the cars driving over it or the dirty water from the ice melt being mixed into the salt, it is no longer effective.

Like the brave workers who are responsible for salting the earth, we must not let the slippery one dilute our witness by mixing in a watered-down version of the truth or crushing our beliefs and standards on the road of life.

Stay safe out there!






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