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Fallen – His Mission #2

Devils and Demons | “Lying” Lion
Philip Piasecki | Worship Leader

My wife loves the Zoo. Our first couple years of marriage she always would throw out the idea of getting a membership so we could frequently go. I always resisted, typically using the argument that we did not have any kids to take so that a membership would be pointless. Now that we have our daughter Molly, I foresee a lot more zoo trips in our future. It is pretty fascinating to see those animals roaming around in their different habitats. Most of the animals look so friendly from afar; we often perceive them as house cats or dogs just larger in size. The danger in this is we do not fully grasp just how vicious each one of them can be. Each year we hear horror stories of people falling into habitats and being attacked in some way. As friendly as those animals may look, we all fully understand the danger that they present. When I see these animals walking about, I cannot help but think of the warning Scripture gives us in 1 Peter.

Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour” (1 Peter 5:8).

The mission of the devil is to destroy each and every life that he can. This verse warns us that he is always on the prowl looking for someone that he can destroy. However, how does he accomplish this mission? The devil finds ways to make sin look enticing to us, and he makes it seem like it will be harmless to us. If we all could see just how destructive sin was going to be to our lives, I am sure many of us would do a much better job of staying away from it.

As cute and cuddly as those animals at the zoo look, we all know that we would most likely die if we went into the habitat where they live. However, we fail to recognize the same danger in our life when it comes to sin. When we think back to the original sin of Adam and Eve, the serpent made eating the fruit from the tree as enticing as he could. He made false promises to Eve, successfully convincing her to disobey God. This is why we always need to be watchful, making sure we are aware of ways that Satan is trying to tempt us. He will try and disguise his temptation, and he will try and make it seem as harmful as possible. I have the privilege to lead worship some weeks at our Tuesday Night Recovery Gathering. I know every single person who attends Recovery would agree that they never thought beginning to use would have been as damaging to them as it has been. Most people do not sin thinking “this is going to destroy me, but I do not care.” We think we can dabble in sin, and that we will come away from it unscathed. When we think this way, the enemy has us right where he wants us. Instead, let us understand the immense danger of sin, and always be on the lookout for how Satan is trying to attack our lives. Jesus Christ has given us His power to fight against all temptation, let’s not be devoured by the enemy.

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