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Testimony #2

Reach | Testimony #2
Tim Woelkers | New Life Camp Director

Hello, my name is Tim Woelkers. I am the Camp Director at New Life Camp. It is in Rose City and hosts summer camp for children and students, plus both the women’s and men’s retreats.

As I write this, we are coming up on my favorite day of the year – opening day of baseball season!  Opening day signifies a fresh start and the promise of a new season.  I got my fresh start, salvation, at a very young age. My parents helped confirm my decision when I was seven years old, and I was baptized.

I am blessed to have grown up in the Church and even attended a Christian school. The education I received from school, church, and family was focused not only on academics but a foundation in Christ. I took this opportunity for granted as it was easy to make the right decisions and be lazy in my faith. The Lord was preparing me for a new season in my life.

Going away to a state college was an eye-opening experience. I was in an environment where no one cared if I was a Christian. My choices were my own, and it was now going to take work to maintain my relationship with Christ. Roommates and friends would not care if I made the wrong decisions and those temptations were at the door literally every day. I wish I would have been more aggressive in my faith, but I laid low and stayed in the background not damaging my Christian reputation but not advancing the Kingdom of God either.

As so often happens, I am in another new season of life and find myself in a similar environment as a member of the local fire department. I ask the Lord frequently to give me opportunities to represent Him. I often fail to be bold in my faith, but I believe that He is still teaching and using me as much as I will let Him. I pray that your fresh start or new season in your life will be filled with excitement and boldness for Christ. 

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