Friday | November 27th

The Snowball Effect

Two times two is four. Four times two is eight. Eight times two is sixteen. Sixteen times two is thirty-two. Thirty-two times two is sixty-four. Sixty-four times two is one hundred and twenty-eight. One hundred and twenty eight times two is two hundred and fifty-six. Two hundred and fifty six times two is five hundred and twelve. Five hundred and twelve times two is one thousand and twenty-four. One thousand and twenty four times two is… well, you get the picture. The eternal impact that we make in someone’s life can make an impact larger than any of us could ever imagine!

Years ago, when I was only a high school student attending summer camp, I remember my youth pastor preaching a sermon about making disciples and going out to intentionally impact someone’s life. I remember my youth pastor sharing a story about a young lady, named Sharon, who had the boldness to carry out the command to “go and make disciples”. She was courageous enough to share Jesus with my youth pastor’s father, who then had multiple children whom he boldly shared Jesus with. Those children grew up to be people God has used to impact hundreds of people!  My youth pastor was a man who made a lasting impact in the lives of numerous people, myself included. He is a man that taught me how to battle sin, love others, serve others, lead others, and live for the cause of Christ! Part of my duty as a follower of Christ is to do the same! Each day I have the opportunity to impact teenagers and others for Christ. My hope and prayer is that God would use them to do the same.

As we continue to say thanks this month, I would like to say “hey thanks” to all of those who have made an impact in my life. I would like to thank them for their obedience to God by fulfilling the call to “go and make disciples”. Thanks for your boldness. Thanks for coming alongside me to help me grow into a better follower of Christ. Thank you Lord for placing these people in my life.

Who are some people that have made this lasting eternal impact in your life? Take some time to thank them. Who are some people that God has placed in your life for you to impact for the cause of Christ? You never know how far sharing Christ with one person can go. You never know how great of an impact you can have for the cause of the Gospel!


Matt Hatton
Student Ministries Director

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