Light Switch

Define It | Devotion #2: Light Switch
Isaiah Combs | Worship Leader

I like to say, “My life was the church and the church was my life when I was a kid.” If the doors of the church building were open, my family and I were there. I even lived across the street from the church for a few years. I believe wholeheartedly that I was saved when I was five years old in that church. My Dad lead me to Jesus in his office which has since been ripped out to make room for nursery improvements. Most of my good and bad memories as a kid happened at that church. I would go through the motions and get involved because it was the only thing I knew. 

However, it does not matter how you grow up or how great your parents are. You still have to have your own personal relationship with Jesus. I call this finding your own Jesus.

Through my teen years, like most kids, I was rebellious, and when I finally got my chance, I ran from God. At 18 years old, I joined the Air Force and went to figure life out on my own. Even though I knew I was saved, I still was not living the life that God had for me. 

It took eight years for me to finally see the light. I was 26 years old when I finally gave in to God and stopped running. I call it my Jonah moment. I was in the belly of the great fish on my knees finally giving myself fully to God and what He had for me. I found my own Jesus. I found out what His love, forgiveness, grace, and mercy meant to me.

 The great fish spit me up on the shore, and I ran to my Nineveh. I have not looked back since. I promised God that I would go back home and do anything I could to serve Him and to be used by Him.

 Finding my own Jesus was a very important part of my life. It was my “Light Switch” moment when I realized it was not my parents, brothers, grandparents, or anybody else’s relationship with Jesus. It was mine.

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