Being a Blessing 

Abraham’s Call • Devotion #2: Being a Blessing
James Clouse | Student Pastor

My grandparents were a huge blessing to my brother and I growing up. There was a little while where my mom was trying to raise us on her own. I remember the impact that my grandparents had on me. I remember the morning my grandfather taught me how to cut pancakes with a fork and knife to my grandmother took us out to the garden to get vegetables. They were a blessing to us when we needed it. Not only were they a blessing to us but the things that we had learned from them will continue to our children and grandchildren. 

This relates to the call of Abram. If you have never heard of this name before, you may be surprised. God called Abram, or Abraham, out of his home country to take his family to the Promised Land. God tells Abram in Genesis 12:2, “And I will make of you a great nation, and I will bless you and make your name great, so that you will be a blessing.”

The Lord here is telling Abram that he will be the father of great nations. God later in Genesis tells Abraham that he will have more descendants then the stars in the sky. The influence that Abraham will have on his descendants will be a blessing to more than he realized at this moment. 

I think this is important for us to remember for our own lives. We need to allow God to use us in His amazing ways. We need to take that step of faith and leave our own comfort zone to let God use us to influence people around us. Abraham would never have been a blessing to his family and to other people if he did not first listen to God and leave his home. 

When we now read through the Bible, we see the history of Abraham and the amazing influence his descendants had on history. My grandparents had an amazing influence on me by helping my mother out when she needed it most. How are you letting God use you as an influence to others around you? How have you taken a step to let God use you as a blessing to others? Sometimes you may not ever see the blessing that you have given to other people.

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